About LPS Associates, LLC

LPS Associates, LLC, is a small “boutique” consulting firm based in the Washington DC area that specializes in providing technical assistance and training around the world on issues related to local public sector finance, local governance and the localization of public services.

LPS Associates is incorporated as a Limited Liability Company in the Commonwealth of Virginia (USA).

Since 2013, LPS Associates has provided technical assistance, research, analytical support and training, as a contractor or sub-contractor with international financial institutions (such as the World Bank), development organizations (including UNDP, USAID and others), government organizations (including the Governments of Mozambique and Tanzania) and other reputable technical assistance providers and training organizations (including the Urban Institute, DEGE Consult and The Hague Academy for Local Government).

The Managing Director of LPS Associates, Dr. Jamie Boex, is a leading authority on public sector finances, fiscal decentralization, and subnational governance reforms in developing and transition countries around the world. Dr. Boex has authored and contributed to numerous books, book chapters, articles, and reports on intergovernmental finance, public expenditure management, and poverty reduction. He regularly serves as a senior expert as part of professional training courses on (fiscal) decentralization and local public sector finance.

Dr. Boex has over two decades of experience on local government finance and local government reforms and has contributed to policy analyses and policy reforms in close to 25 countries around the world.

In addition to its technical assistance and training efforts, LPS Associates advances the global development community's understanding of the local public sector by supporting www.decentralization.net.

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