Technical Assistance and Policy Support

The work of LPS Associates is based on the basic premise that all human development takes place at the local level, and that public services and development interventions need to be designed to reach the local level.

Our policy research suggest that:

  • in many countries, a considerable share of public finances and development resources gets stuck at the central level;
  • financial resources are often distributed inefficiently and inequitably across subnational jurisdictions; and
  • local officials often lack the discretion, incentives and accountability to provide public services in a responsive and efficient manner.

These findings have direct implications for public policy choices and development interventions.

In line with our mission —to promote international development and strengthen public sector governance worldwide by advancing the understanding of the local public sector— LPS Associates is available to provide global or in-country technical assistance and policy support in order to enhance the impact of development interventions and policy reforms at the local level on development and poverty reduction.

Please contact us for further information about the provision of technical assistance and capacity builiding support.

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